The Trail of the Tiger
Tammany: 1789-1928
Being An account of Tammany from 1789; The Society of St. Tammany, or Columbian Order;
Tammany Hall; The Organization; and the Sway of the Bosses

By Allan Frankin

Originally published 1928
This Web version copyright 2005


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AFTER a brief setback when Tammany candidates were defeated in the last election personally directed by Richard Croker, the organization regained power and corruption again became rampant. Gambling and prostitution, protected by the police, went on apace despite the election of reform or fusion officials in the high places.

Croker had bequeathed his toga and scepter to Lewis Nixon but that gentleman resigned as chairman of Tammany Hall within four months because he found the District leaders paid no attention to his mandates until the new chief's orders had been "oked" by cable from Croker's retreat in Ireland.

Mr. Nixon, a graduate of the United. States Naval Academy, asserted that he could no longer remain as leader of Tammany Hall and retain his own self-respect.

"Every important act of mine," he said, "has been cabled to Europe before it became effective. Mr. Freedman (chairman of the sub-committee on finance and close friend of the absent Croker) and


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